Indonesia SIPF Updates

Secure Protection For Your Investment

“Investment is one of the most important factors in supporting the country's economy, and we realize that protection is needed in order to provide an investment security and convenience in Indonesia Capital Market. Indonesia SIPF was established to become a reliable institution for investors, thereafter we expect that general public in Indonesia able to put more trust in capital market industry and simultaneously contribute in advancing Indonesia through investment.”

Widodo – Director



The Investor Protection Fund guarantees compensation for investors (customers) of Custodian Banks and Broker Dealers registered as members of Investor Protection Fund (DPP).


Members of Investor Protection Fund (DPP) are Custodian Banks and Broker Dealers which have a number of obligations with priorities to protect Indonesian investors' investments.


Indonesia SIPF as the institution to manage Investor Protection Fund shall immediately handle the claims from investors who lost their assets after an official statement from the OJK regarding the conditions of the investment.

A successful investment is
when we manage the risk, not avoid it.